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Xperience Portable Dance Pole Trouble Shooting and FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  "I've unlocked the knuckle on my pole but the pole isn't spinning easy enough?"
  • Thread the height adjuster down so it isn't so tight into the upper bearing.  Bring it back a quarter turn at a time.
2.  "The pole appears to loosen from the ceiling as I am spinning on it!"
  • Make sure that your height adjuster is tightened down enough to the ceiling and the flange nut is locked down.
3.  "There is a knocking sound when I spin on the pole."
  • Your pole is not completely vertical.  Loosen the height adjuster and recenter the item and re-tighten to the ceiling.
4.  "What is the ceiling height requirements?"


  • The height adjustment for our Xperience Dance Pole is from 7'ft 4" inches to 9'ft. Any ceilings higher than 9'ft may require additional extension pieces.










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