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How to use our Chicken Plucker Machine

Amy Vue 2 comments


Chicken Plucker Machine

Our Commercial Bargains Chicken Plucker Machine FR series is widely used for many types of feathered birds including: chicken, pigeon, duck, goose, hen, quail, and much more!  Made of stainless steel for durability and easy cleanup.  The FR Series come with a handle, 4 wheels, wheel stopper, rubber pluckers already installed, and a convenient on/off switch.   Our newest model, the CB-FRP-60 comes with even more features including a foot pedal control, hose connector on the side and a cord holder.


  • Make sure the Chicken Plucker Machine is on a flat surface.  Apply the wheel stopper to prevent the machine from rolling.
  • Heat your scalding water.  The recommended temperature is between 145 and 155 degrees. With caution, dunk the chicken in the hot water. 
  • Turn on the machine and place the scalded chicken head down - one at a time.
  • During plucking, use a hose or hot water to assist with the feather removal.  The feathers and water will exit through the front slot of the machine.
  • Turn off the machine before reaching in to grab the de-feathered chickens.
  • To prolong the life of the machine, it is recommended to clean and sanitize the machine upon every use.



  • For best results, chickens should not be alive, should be bled, and scalded before going into the plucker.  The chicken will not bruise if it is properly bled.
  • Results may vary from user to user.  These instructions are strictly informative.
  • Main power supply should be higher than the machine supply.
  • Never touch or operate the machine with wet hands.
  • Keep children away.  Not recommended to be used by a child.
  • Re-order replacement chicken pluckers at: www.commercialbargains.com








  • Da October 02, 2018 | 09:19 AM

    Hello I would like to know what plucking machines do you have and speed and how many chicken does it pluck at a time?

  • Dyron February 09, 2017 | 02:13 PM

    Need get one

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