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What you should know before buying a bounce house

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Kid's Bounce House
What you should know before buying a bounce house


1. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of buying vs renting a bounce house?

The advantages of buying a bounce house will last anywhere from 3-5+ years if you properly maintained it well. You’ll save money in the long run if you plan on renting a few times in the next 5 years.

The disadvantage of renting a bounce house could cost anywhere from $99 per day, then some companies charge a set up fees, clean up fees, delivering fees, and extra fees on the weekends. So make sure you ask lots of questions and details. 

If you plan on using it just once, maybe just renting will work better for you.

Nowadays, they are more affordable to own depending on sizes, and most include the air blower and patch kit starting at $750.


2. What size should I get?

Bounce Zone Combo

The standard size that will fit in most back yard is 13’x13’, after you add the air blower and connect the tube, its another 2’ foot of space.  Before buying or renting, make sure you measure your space if you have a small yard.

The weight of the inflatable bounce house can start at 130lbs which is manageable and easy to transport and store away by one person.

Once you reach into the bigger sizes of 15x15’ and slide models, you are looking at 245lbs of PVC material that needs to be properly folded and store away. This will take at least 2 people to set up and store away.

3. Can a bounce houses be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, most inflatables are rated for outdoor use, as well as being designed to withstand the heavy traffic of indoor use.

4. Is there a difference in the PVC and Oxford Nylon bounce house material?

Yes, If you plan on keeping it for 3-5 years, we recommend going with 100% PVC material.  This is the tear proof, rip proof, and it very durable. PVC does not mold if you dry it after every use.

If you plan on using a bounce house for the indoors, they make them smaller like 7'x7' ft meant for toddlers.  In this case they have nylon oxford material for the small bounce houses.  This material is not commercial material or heavy duty for renting.  

Step stairs slide bounce house

5. How do I clean my inflatable?

Any disinfectant work just fine. Since children are typically involved, non-toxic cleaners are a good idea. We had good luck with Odor Ban and Mr. Clean erase markers. It is important to test ANY cleaning product in an inconspicuous area first. When cleaning digitally printed surfaces, only use a light cleaner, like Simple Green, and a soft cloth.  If you have a slide on your bounce house, we highly recommend the Armour all leather and vinyl cleaner. This will make the surface much slipperier for the kids.

Tip 1 When using an inflatable outdoors, make sure you clean it after each use and never pack it up wet.

Tip 2 There should be a tarp from where you enter inside the bounce house.

I recommend this for the kids to take off their shoes.  In some cases, kids don’t know that there is a stick or rock stuck underneath their shoes between the thread. This could puncture the bounce house if you allow anyone to enter with their shoes on.

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