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May 2015

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How anyone can find the time to relax

More workers than ever report feeling overwhelmed by their jobs. Heavy workloads, dissatisfaction with salary, feeling trapped … none of these things are good for you.

A study by ComPsych noted work-related stress has lasted so long, it’s led to what’s commonly referred to as burn out. Finding time to recharge is the key to dealing with high levels of stress.

Unplug yourself from your sources of pressure. Everyone needs time to reflect on their life every now and then. We’re more creative, more productive and more profitable when our minds aren’t weighed down with stress. We make wiser choices because we can focus.

Here’s how you can find the time to relax, no matter your situation, and live a better life.


Relaxation starts at home

The idea of a staycation – making home your getaway destination – is one embraced by many individuals, couples and families. It is especially popular if you don’t have the time or the budget to travel.

One way to take advantage of this concept is to create your own “staycation paradise.” This can range from extravagant backyard ponds to simple, colorful, outdoor furniture.

Transform your backyard or a spot outside the office with a beautiful wooden hammock, a pair of relaxing zero gravity chairs or a large patio umbrella.

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to creating a place to wind down.


Delegate and De-stress

In today’s intelligent economy, we have more ways than ever to empower or hire others to take some of the burden. This is a great way to enrich the lives of your employees or provide much needed work to a freelancer overseas. More importantly, it can melt your stress away.

In addition to outsourcing or offloading responsibilities, consider how you can automate your daily routines. We are fortunate to live in a time that embraces productivity.

Think about the tasks that you look forward to the least – banking, social media posting, routine follow-ups, etc. – and see if there’s an app that can free up your time. Listen to what your mind and body are telling you, and find a better balance.


Get away. Far away.

Few things in life have greater therapeutic effects than a vacation. If you’re a workaholic or simply don’t believe you can afford to be away from work, you’re most likely not trying.

Take the vacation, and leave your work at home. Don’t be afraid to take more than a week, either. It takes at least a day or two for to truly unwind and mentally let go. In no time, you’re thinking about when you have to pack your bags to return home and go back to work. While week-long vacations are common in America, in some countries, three- and four-week-long vacations are the norm.

If you have staff, taking a vacation actually sets a good example, according to Entrepreneur magazine. If you never leave for more than a few hours of sleep, your workforce may believe that’s what is expected of them. You can boost morale and productivity by demonstrating there is life outside of work.



What you can do today

If you can’t afford to get away, or you like the idea of heading off a meltdown, take control of your stress and do all you can to make your life a joy to live every day.

Take long walks, and leave your phone behind. According to an article published by LifeRemix, we can easily find opportunities throughout the day to reduce anxiety.

From no-brainers like eating a nutritious breakfast to zen-inspired tips like eliminating clutter from your desk and work area, this is the type of easy-to-follow advice that can truly revolutionize your well being. You may be able to turn your workday into a working vacation without ever leaving town.

It’s easy to make the excuse that there aren’t enough hours in the day. You get the same amount as anyone else, but it’s how you use them that matters.



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