WentWorth 100 Pound Grease Trap Interceptor 50 GPM Gallons Per Minute WP-GT-50

Food Service and Janitorial Sanitation




Solve all your grease trap needs with the Wentworth Grease Trap Interceptor. This floor mounted unit comes with a gasket sealed cover and is secured with a standard hex head center bolt. It also includes an external trap seal, threaded inlet, threaded outlet and integral flow control.

  • Model: WP-GT-50
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Material: Heavy Duty 11 gauge Carbon Steel
  • Powder Coated Gray - Corrosion Resistant
  • Overall dimensions: 32-1/2" L x 22-1/16" W x 21-1/2" H
  • Bottom To Center Of Opening: 16.25"
  • 4" Inlet and outlet pipe
  • Floor Mount: Yes
  • PDI Certified

Grease Trap Sizing Formula: GT = CS x 0.4

GT = Minimum grease trap rating in gallons per minute, CS = Capacity in gallons of fixtures or sink to be discharged to the grease trap

  • Remove the flow control tee from inside the interceptor
  • Locate the interceptor "inlet" and "outlet", position inlet closest to the equipment that the interceptor will be servicing
  • Install the flow control tee between equipment and inlet valve on the interceptor
  • Vent the flow control tee to ensure optimal performance of your interceptor
  • Replace the lid and securely tighten retaining lid bolt
  • Check integrity of connection to the interceptor and repair any leaks as needed

One week after installation, check the grease level inside the interceptor. These results should be used to determine the appropriate cleaning schedule to be used for future cleaning.

To clean, simply remove the lid and then extract or skim the grease into an empty container. replace the lid and secure the retaining bolt.

Refer to local codes and regulations concerning the region specific installation and proper grease disposal.

Shipping Note: This item is sent via Freight services. Please understand that this is a large item and will be delivered to you on a pallet. Many addresses may not be directly deliverable. Please be available for communication with us and freight services via phone.

View Detail Drawing: WP-GT-50.pdf