Professional Premium Eyelash Extension Kit





This Premium kit is a great way to get a new lash stylist started in the eyelash extension profession. Also, an all-in-one kit for the experienced stylists. It offers everything that is necessary to doing great eyelash extensions with all the supplies that one would need.

  • Your Choice-1- 10g Ultra Bonding Glue, 2- 5g Ultra X Glue, 2- 5g Ultra Bonding Glue, 2- 5g Ulbon Glue, 2- 5g Ultra Plus Glue, Or 1- 10g Ultra Plus Glue
  • 1- Blink Gel Lash Remover
  • 4- eyebeautiful Mink Mixed Length Lash Trays (C, B, J, D Curls) 0.25 mm thickness
  • 100- Micro Brush Swabs
  • 25- Disposable Mascara Wands
  • 100- Cotton Swabs
  • 10- Pairs of eyebeautiful Gel Patches
  • 1- Bottle of Blink Lash Primer
  • 1- Blink Coating Sealant
  • 1- eyebeautiful Straight Edge Tweezers F Type
  • 1- eyebeautiful Straight Edge Tweezers I Type
  • 1- eyebeautiful Mini Scissors
  • 1- Small Jade Stone 1"
  • 5- Glue Rings (2 compartment)
  • 1- Adhesive Tape
  • 1- Small Air Blower
  • 10- Aftercare Appointment Cards

The four (4) Synthetic Mink Lash Trays that comes with the kit are 0.25 mm thickness and offers 12 rows of mixed length between 8mm to 14mm. Each tray is a different curl type. Kit includes 1 tray C curl, 1 tray B curl, 1 tray J curl, and 1 tray D curl with a total of 4 trays.

Silver carrying case dimensions are 267x165x190mm