50 Pack Paper Chinese Floating Sky Lantern Flying Candle Lamps
50 Pack Paper Chinese Floating Sky Lantern Flying Candle Lamps

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Add an extra memorable moment to your Birthday Party, Wedding or any event with these elegant sky lanterns. Safe to use and environmentally friendly, you can write your wishes onto the paper lantern and set them free to float into the sky.

  • Material: Flame Resistant Paper
  • Lightweight wire frame
  • Environmentally safe wax fuel cell.
  • Fuel cell burns for 10+ minutes
  • Dimensions: L 18" x W 18" x H 24"
  • Shape: round oval
  • Some lanterns may have slight discoloration where the wax pack sits
Operating Instructions
  • Carefully take the paper lantern out of the package and write your wishes onto it.
  • Take out the candle fuel cell and connect it to the cross wire frame by pushing the round wire through the bottom of the candle and fold over to hold in place.
  • Have one person hold the top of the lantern off of the ground while you light the candle.
  • After the candle has been lit for a minute hold the lantern by holding the bottom wire frame and release when enough force to float.
  • Don't forget to make a wish!

- Please keep water or fire extinguishers nearby.
- Use them in wide open spaces and do NOT use in windy conditions.
- Make sure no trees are in the flying path.
- Do NOT leave children unattended with the lanterns.
- Please allow 1 to 2 minutes for the lantern to fill with hot air be it takes off.
- Please ONLY use the provided fuel to light the lantern.
- Do NOT hang anything onto the lantern.
- These lanterns are made of tissue paper, very fragile and may be easily ripped. Thoroughly inspect item before opening.

Please read all instructions before use: