Non-Slip Heat Resistant BBQ Grilling Gloves - 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant Grill Gloves for Cooking, Oven, Barbecue (Black)

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Stop burning your hands on hot pots, pans, and stove pots. The Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves are the perfect Gloves for really hot objects. Gloves are created from hig-quality and cutting-edge Meta Aramid fibre Nomex. This technology allows you to pick up and hold the hottest objects. Using a few basic rules you can work with temperatures up to 932 Degrees.

Temp Exposure Time
  • 500 C/ 932 F: 12-15 sec
  • 350 C/ 662 F: 16-18 sec
  • 250 C/ 482 F: 21-23 sec
  • 100 C/ 212 F: 55-68 sec

These gloves will extend the amount of time a hot object can be handled. It is not permanent protection against fire or heat. This product is not suitable for protection against hot liquids! Always keep the gloves clean. A buildup of dirt can affect the gloves performance. Replace if torn or damaged.