First Pitch Playmaker Soccer Ball Machine Kicks 80 Yards 20 - 100 MPH

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First Pitch



The First Pitch Soccer Ball Machine has all steel construction, kicks balls anywhere from 20 - 100 MPH. Features high quality construction and versatility. Great practice for goalies and corner kick defense with the curve kick feature.

  • Simulate real game situations, Shots and Passes
  • Practice receiving corner kicks and crosses
  • Simulates Kicks up to 80 yards
  • Work with Goalies on a variety of shots
  • Simulates left and right curve kicks
  • Kicks 20 to 100 mph
  • Available for 110V AC, 10.4 amperes, 1248 watts
  • Great for youth and adults
  • Adjustable for use with #3, #4, and #5 soccerballs
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty