ECO Metal Composting Tool

Home and Garden

Exaco Trading Company



Turning your compost material allows oxygen to speed up the process and this compost mixing tool is the perfect way to keep your compost bin well aerated. With solid steel wings at the bottom and a T-handle grip for easy handling, it takes just minutes to mix your compost. The bottom wings are hinged so when you insert the tool into the compost material, they fold up against the tool, making it easy to reach the bottom of the pile. When you pull the tool up, the wings spread apart, moving and aerating the compost pile. Heavy duty painted steel construction for a long lasting useful garden tool. Built in top hook for easy hanging storage on garage or shed wall.

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Soft and firm T handle grip for easy handling
  • Solid steel wings that grab compost material for easier mixing
  • Convenient hanging hook for storage
  • Measures 37-inch long