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Our commercial grade Premium FRP-60 Chicken Plucker Machine is capable of plucking up to five or six chicken, duck, or goose sized birds at once, in as little as 30 seconds. At that rate, process up to almost 500 birds an hour! Simply scald the birds, drop in tub, and in 10 to 30 seconds they will be picked clean. This machine can also be used to peel the skin off of ginger, potatoes, and even fish. Will work for most small game up to 24 lbs. Now included is a hose connector on the back. You can connect a hose and not have to worry about holding it in you hands. There is a nice cord holder on the back of the machine, and a foot petal is now included for better stop/start control. The last thing is that there are wheel locks to keep your machine from rolling around when in use.

  • Stainless Steel tub (easy cleaning)
  • Feather and water discharge
  • Pillow block bearing
  • 120 Plucker Fingers (already installed)
  • Easy to use, turn machine on and go!
  • Stainless Steel body and drum
  • Stainless Steel handle
  • Easy to move with 4 wheels on the bottom, with locks to keep machine from moving.
  • Carton dimensions: 26" x 27.5" x 39.5" (L x W x H)
  • Item dimensions: 25.5” x 25” x 37” (L x W x H)
  • Drum diameter: 22.5"
  • Drum opening at the top: 16.75"
  • Height of the drum: 15.75" (Measured from inside the drum)
  • Shipping weight: 134.5 lbs
  • Stand alone weight: 105 lbs
  • Working capacity: 4-6 pcs
  • Speed of main shaft: 180 rpm
  • Motor: 110V 1400 rpm
  • Power: 2.2 kw
  • On/Off switch
  • Foot petal control
  • Hose connector on side
  • Cord holder on the back