6 Plastic Quail Egg Trays GQF-0243
6 Plastic Quail Egg Trays GQF-0243

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Plastic egg trays offer the most efficient system for gathering, spray disinfectant treating and storing of eggs. At time of setting eggs, just remove loaded egg tray from storage area and place it on the incubator turning rack. The No. 1500 and 1502 incubators are equipped with turning racks that will accomodate plastic trays to hold your eggs in place. Each No. 1502 turning rack will hold 4 quail egg trays (456 quail eggs). Molded posts on each tray permits double stacking for a total of 1368 quail eggs. (Caution: GQF HATCHING trays hold a maximum of 250 quail eggs). Outer edge positions of double stacked trays may not be used in top turning rack. SET OF 6 TRAYS.

Quail Egg Trays (6 pack)
  • Works with GQF Cabinet Incubators
  • Each rack holds 114 quail eggs (684 Total)
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Stackable for increased capacity