Blink ULBON Glue Eyelash Extension 5ml Fast & Strongest
Blink ULBON Glue Eyelash Extension 5ml Fast & Strongest


Blink Lash



FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Do not use on self. Do not use with strip or flare lashes. Do not use on skin. For trained professional to apply eyelash extensions individually to client's natural lash. BLINK ULBON Glue Adhesive for Eyelash Extensions. LOWEST VISCOSITY and FASTEST DRYING TIME - very thin and runny glue but also very strong bond period up to 5-6 weeks. Super fast drying time of 1-2 seconds for easy for quick lash application. Black and very liquid in texture. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. PRODUCT DETAILS: SIZE: 5gram, COLOR: BLACK, BRAND: BLINK, ORIGIN: SOUTH KOREA, SETTING TIME: 1-2 SECONDS, BOND: STRONGEST WITH HIGH FUMES.

Product Details:
  • Size: 5g
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Blink
  • Origin: Korea
  • Bond: Strong

Our professional eyelash extension glues and lash removers are for trained and licensed professionals only. Please only purchase if you have had the proper training in the technique to apply single strand eyelash extensions. Under no circumstance is the glue to be used on yourself. We are not responsible for the misuse of our eyelash extension glue or removers. You are solely responsible for the product once purchased. Performance and results of glue vary from person to person. If you purchase eyelash extension glue with high fumes, you must know how to avoid irritation and inflammation if it occurs. MSDS is available upon request when the purchase is made.

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