Xperience 50mm Dance Pole Kit Competition Commercial Portable Fitness Exercise

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Experience the exciting world of dancing Pole exercise and dance in your own home. Enjoy the exhilarating fun of a pole workout, or spice up your parties and dance with your friends.

Xperience, formally known as X-Dance.
Features and Specifications
  • No ceiling fixtures required.
  • Mounts to any flat ceiling surface
  • Duo Pole - Static or spinning (2 hidden lock screws).
  • Everything you need in a dance pole.
  • Screw together tube joints for maximum stability and smoothness.
  • Double width support dome that covers 2 ceiling joists.
  • 250mm and 125mm extension included.
  • 3 separate height adjustments allowed for different ceiling heights.
  • Height adjustment: 7'ft 4" inches to 9'ft
  • Diameter Pole: 50mm
  • Maximum weight limit: 250 lbs

Note: Only Installation DVD is included. Also please call our office directly if you need extension poles, we offer different sizes.


I've unlocked the knuckle on my pole but the pole isn't spinning easy enough?

Thread the height adjuster down so it isn't so tight into the upper bearing. Bring it back a quarter turn at a time.

The pole appears to loosen from the ceiling as I am spinning on it!

Make sure that your height adjuster is tightened down enough to the ceiling and the flange nut is locked down.

There is a knocking sound when I spin on the pole.

Your pole is not completely vertical. Loosen the height adjuster and recenter the item and re tighten to the ceiling.


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