37PC Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer Kit - 30 Reusable Resealable Zipper Food Bags With 1 Handheld Pump, 4 Sous Vide Clips, and 2 Sealing Clips

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Benefits of our sous vide vacuum bag kit:
  • No need to buy an electric vacuum sealer that takes up space in the kitchen. The reliable compact hand pump is very convenient to use and store.
  • This Kit includes 30 sous vide vacuum bags
  • Sous vide cooking bags are suitable for use with any sous vide cookers, such as Anova, Joule, Gizmo, Supreme, etc.
  • Bags can be used as reusable sandwich bags for packing a lunch for yourself or your children
  • You can also use these bag as reusable food storage bags for storing food in a refrigerator or freezer

Vacuum bags protect food from bacteria, dust or moisture during such outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, and keep products fresh up to 5 times longer, unlike other traditional storage methods.

Our reusable food bags are BPA free, so it’s safe to use them for freezing, microwave or cooking at high temperatures.

Sous Vide Cooking Bags Kit includes:
  • Vacuum sealer bags (8.7" x 8.2") x10
  • Vacuum sealer bags (10.2" x 11.0") x10
  • Vacuum sealer bags (10.2" x 13.4") x10
  • Vacuum sealer handheld pump x1
  • Clips for sous-vide cooking x4
  • Sealing clips x2

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